Sr. No. Date Topic Speakers Link
1 06-04-2020 Stroke Rehabilitation - Part 1 Dr. Nirmal Surya, Mumbai
2 07-04-2020 WHO Day Webinar:
General Perspective on COVID - Italian Experience NeuroCovid - Rehab Perspective.
Dr Frank Rasulo, Italy
Dr. Matilde Leonardi, Italy
3 07-04-2020 Stroke Rehabilitation - Part 2 Dr. Abhishek Srivastava, Mumbai
4 08-04-2020 Speech, Language and Swallowing Rehabilitation in Neurological Conditions Ms. Sonal Chitnis, Pune
Ms. Mansi Jagtap, Pune
Dr. Apoorva Puranik
5 09-04-2020 Medical Management of Hypertonia in CP Surgical Management and Outcome in Cerebral Palsy Dr. Vrajesh Udani, Mumbai
Dr. Taral Nagda, Mumbai
6 10-04-2020 Rehabilitation in Parkinson's Disease Teleneurorehab in PD Dr. R K Dhamija, Delhi
Dr. Caterina Pistarini, Italy
7 11-04-2020 Introduction
Motor and Sensory Rehabilitation in TBI
Dr. John Solomon, Manipal
Dr. Mohammed Sakel, UK
8 12-04-2020 Cognitive Rehabiitation in Stroke
Cognitive Rehabiitation in TBI
Dr. Ashima Nehra. Delhi
Dr. Jamuna Ranjan, Bengaluru
9 13-04-2020 Overview about Music Therapy Aqua Therapy Mr. Ashish Kasbe, Mumbai
Dr. Brinda Merchant, Mumbai
10 14-04-2020 Issues in MS in India
Rehabilitation in MS
Dr. B. S. Singhal, Mumbai
Dr. Jurg Kesserling, Switzerland
11 15-04-2020 Scales in Neurorehabilitation
Scales in Neurorehabilitation
Dr. Prakash Vaidhiyalingam, Gujarat
Dr. Aishwariya Swaminathan, Mumbai
12 16-04-2020 Palliative Care Concept
Palliative Care interventions for living with long term Neurological conditions
Dr. Roop Gursahani, Mumbai Prof. Shivram Nair, UK
13 17-04-2020 Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injury Prof. Humberto Cerrel Bazo, Italy
14 18-04-2020 Vestibular Rehabilitation Dr. Sudhir Kothari, Pune
15 19-04-2020 Optimizing Botulinum toxin in Neurological Condition Prof. Arrerat Suputtitada, Thailand
16 20-04-2020 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in Disorders of consciousness & Locked-in Syndrome Prof. Barbara Wilson, UK
17 21-04-2020 Spasticity Dr. Anand Pandiyan, UK
18 22-04-2020 Botulinum Toxin in Upper Limb
Botulinum Toxin in Upper Limb
Dr. Sanjay Chaterjee, Kolkata
Dr. Sanjay Pandey, New Delhi
19 23-04-2020 Language & Cognition in Motor Neurone Disease Swallowing Rehabilitation in MND Prof. Thomas Bak, Edinburgh
Ms. Ankita Bhutada, USA
20 24-04-2020 Neuroplasticity
Early Intervention
Dr. Anaita Hegde, Mumbai
Dr. Asha Chitnis, Mumbai
21 25-04-2020 Everything you need to know about ADHD Understanding LD & What we can do Dr. Priyanka Parikh, Mumbai
Dr. Koyeli Sengupta, Mumbai
22 26-04-2020 Early Rehabilitation in Stroke Rehabilitation in Aphasia Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasti, UAE
Dr. Annie Hill
23 27-04-2020 Rehabilitation of Neuromuscular & Peripheral Nerve Disorder Orthotic in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Dr. Satish Khadilkar, Mumbai
Dr. P. S. Dantala
24 28-04-2020 Music therapy in Neurorehab Dr Shantala Hegde, Bengaluru
25 29-04-2020 What’s happening in stroke recovery research? Prof. Julie Bernhardt, Australia
26 30-04-2020 Neurogenic Bladder management: Diagnosis and therapeutic challenges Dr. Jalesh Panicker, UK
27 01-05-2020 Early Detection or Diagnosis of Dementia Dementia Care Dr. Ratnavalli Ellajosyula , Banglore
Dr. Atanu Biswas, Kolkata
28 02-05-2020 Understanding Autism
Interventions and treatment option in Autism
Dr. Anaita Hegde, Mumbai
Dr. Koyeli Sengupta, Mumbai
29 03-05-2020 Pain Management in NeuroRehab
HBOT Therapy in NeuroRehab
Dr. Navita Purohit, Mumbai
Dr. Deepak Palande, Mumbai
30 04-05-2020 Rehabilitation in Cerebellar Ataxia
Rehabilitation in Peripheral Nerve Disorder
Dr. Nirmal Surya, Mumbai
Dr. Bhagyadhan Patel, Gujarat
31 08-05-2020 Case Presentation 1 - TBI
Case Presentation 2 - SCI
Dr. Nirmal Surya, Mumbai
Dr. Abhishek Srivastava, Mumbai
32 15-5-2020 ICON Webinar: Methods and Technologies for Telerehabilitation and Telemindfulness
Case 1: Role of Pilates in Improving Balance and Motivating Stroke Geriatric People for Exercises
Case 2: A Case of ACC Agenesis of Corpus Callosum
Case 3: Churg-Strauss Syndrome with Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
Prof. Imre Cikajlo, Slovenia,
Dr. Jigna Panchmatia, Mumbai,
Dr. Shreeja Kaithayil, Trivandrum,
Dr. Vidhi Dave, Mumbai
33 22-5-2020 ICON Webinar: Tips & Tricks of Effective PowerPoint Presentation
Case 1: The Enigna of Curved Women How to do Case Presentation in Neuro Rehabilitation
Case 2: Unlocking PCA Stroke
Prof. Suvarna Ganvir, Ahmednagar
Dr. Dhananjay Gupta
Dr. Swati Surkar, USA
Dr. Faiz Mohamed, Mumbai
34 29-5-2020 ICON Webinar: Lecture on Addressing MS disability with EDSS : Case based approach
Case 1: Post-surgical Rehabilitation of Falcine Meningioma
Case 2: A case of Aphasia with Epilepsy
Prof. Gagandeep SIngh, Ludhiana,
Dr Karthik Babu S, Manipal,
Ms. Sonal Chitnis, Pune
35 05-6-2020 ICON Webinar: Need of Community based Rehabilitation in Today's World
Family based Rehabilitation
Case 1: Continuum of care from Aquatic & Land-based Therapy to Tele-Rehab in Young Adult with CP
Case 2: Heterotrophic Ossification secondary to SCI
Prof. Alessandro Guistini, Italy,
Dr. Nirmal Surya, Mumbai,
Dr Suchit Shetty, Mumbai,
Dr. Manasi Kulkarni, Ahmednagar
36 12-6-2020 ICON Webinar:
Case 1: Upper extremity assessment and planning for intervention in Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
Case 2: Peripheral Neuropathy - Comprehensive Physiotherapy Care Pathway
Case 3: Tele-Rehabilitation of a Stroke case
Dr Chaitrali Kale,
Dr. Kinjal Muni,
Dr. Gaurika Patole